Cricket Blast School Cup in Sano / クリケットブラスト・スクールカップ 佐野

クリケットブラスト・スクールカップ 佐野





11時45分、皆が涼しいテントの下でランチタイムだった。午後には日本クリケット協会佐野支部事務局長 上原良崇の楽しいゲームでスクールカップは更に盛り上がった。午後には残りの二試合が行われた。









The 2014 Japan Cricket Association School Cup was held in Sano on Saturday 24th May 2014 at Tanuma High School. The weather was hot and the sun was shining – perfect conditions for cricket!

Sano School Cup (14)

This year five teams were present to battle for the trophy and the eventual winners were Ishizuka Elementary School who were very well led by their captain Nimah san, who just edged out their rivals Sano Elementary.

Sano School Cup (11)

There were two large pitches for the teams to play on, and a third acting as a training pitch for the team not involved. Parents and volunteers were also able to bat against their children in this third area and allowed a greater understanding of cricket to develop among the families who came to watch.

Sano School Cup (35)

The day began with a short speech form a representative of the Sports and Recreation Association who encouraged all the players to do their best, before a breif demonstration and explanation of the rules. Games were underway by 10am and lasted around 45 minutes each.

Lunch was taken in the shade of the Cricket Blast tents at 11:45 and afterwards Yoshi Uehara, the Japan Cricket Association Development Officer for North Kanto, led the children in a few fun games before the last two cricket matches were played.

By 14:30 Ishizuka had been crowned Champions and lifted the trophy to warm applause from the teams they had beaten along the way. With every team playing four matches it meant that everyone played each other and Ishizuka were the only team unbeaten at the end – a fantastic achievement.

Sano School Cup (22)

There was some great cricket on display and after the trophy was presented and certificates awarded to each of the schools for taking part a soft mini-cricket ball was given to each of the participants as a thank you.

The Japan Cricket Association would like to extend special thanks to Chris Gorrie and Cameron Tradell from Cricket Australia who gave coaching to the children throughout the day, and to all the volunteers who gave their time to make the event such a success.

We are excited about hosting a second competition later in the year and all the details for that will appear on this website.